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1934 Peter Pan in Chains: Finale (1934 Peter Pan in Chains: 完結編 [Kanketsuhen]) is the tenth volume of the Baccano! light novel series and the finale of the 1934 arc.

Official Synopsis[]

In the depths of Alcatraz, the participants in and witnesses of the brawl in the secret cell attempt to figure out their next moves. In Chicago, as Isaac and Miria try to find each other, the aftermath of what happened at the Russo mansion is affecting the entire city. As the connections between the two locations become clear, the chaos comes to a head in the explosive and heartfelt conclusion to the commotion of 1934![1]

Table of Contents.


No. Title
Color Insert 01 The Clamor of the Delinquents
Color Insert 02 Young Master Ricardo Talks to Himself?
Color Insert 03 A Conversation Between Inmates
Color Insert 04 In a Bar in New York
Linking Chapter The Researcher Speaks of Love
Chapter 1 Bombs Illuminate the Blue Sky
Interlude I The Camorrista Speaks Reluctantly
Chapter 2 The Crybaby Cries
Interlude II The Twisted Soul Stays Cool and Calm
Chapter 3 The Elderly Couple Are Quite Distressed
Interlude III The Alchemist, Impassive
Chapter 4 The Major Supporting Characters Provide Major Support
Interlude IV The Daughter Is Fanatically Devoted to Her Father
Chapter 5 Peter Pan and Alice Lead Each Other Astray
Epilogue Sometimes, They Go Home
Digression The Police Show Up Late
Afterword Afterword


Cultural References[]


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