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1934 Alice in Jails: Streets (1934 Alice in Jails: 娑婆編 [Shabahen]) is the ninth volume of the Baccano! light novel series and the second installment of the 1934 arc.

Official Synopsis[]

The year 1934.

All kinds of strange people are gathering in Chicago-the newspaper's vice-president and young camerawoman, a bizarre group moving on Huey's orders, a wrecker with ties to the Russos, a researcher who works for a certain company there, and even a "vampire" and his friend. Things are gearing up for another great commotion in the Windy City...[1]

Table of contents.


No. Title
Color Insert 01 Regarding Lamia
Color Insert 02 Regarding Christopher
Color Insert 03 Regarding Graham
Color Insert 04 Regarding Renee
Epilogue II The Triumphal Return of the Vice President
Chapter 01

Prologue V
Prologue VI
Prologue VII

Mistimed Prologues

Miscreant Formation
The Mafia Returns
Unnatural Blessings

Chapter 02 Misdirected Hysteria
Interlude 01 Mischief Below Alcatraz Island
Chapter 03 A Misaimed Square Hit
Chapter 04 Misfits Outside the City
Linking Chapter Misperceptions and Information
Digression Can't Miss
Afterword Afterword


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