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Nile declares that he has nothing to say about Victor Talbot save for complaints, and begins by criticizing Victor for being too strict regarding rules – someone who prioritized contracts and regulations over his own emotions. However, he concedes that Victor was not someone who enjoyed binding others up in such rules, nor could he only ever act in accordance with them.

As such, Nile thinks that Victor put his faith in the law as the best way to ensure everyone could enjoy "the utmost equality in happiness." Calling Victor an 'intelligent fool', he elaborates that Victor – in realizing that there was no way in the world for everyone to be happy – must have determined that the best means of balancing everyone's differences was to curtail them with the law.

The problem, Nile claims, is that Victor has assumed the role of villain in order to achieve this end. As someone 'irretrievably warped', he inevitably comes across as a tyrannical despot; however, compared to most of the broken individuals comprising the alchemists – Victor is incredibly human. Though naïve, he is in some ways the most thoughtful.

Where Victor once tried to rein with the alchemists with rules, he is presently doing the same with the United States of America. Nile concludes that Victor must be deeply fond of the nation and its residents, and that he is ultimately an awkward fellow.


  • The 'Zankurou' Nile cites as a 'human individual' is the precursor to Zank Rowan.

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  • "He is an appalling counterfeit of a villain."' – Nile on Victor