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Graham Specter prepares to share the 'sad story' of how he first met his "brother Ladd," only to briefly digress on just how sad the story is, and just how superhuman Ladd is. Once he refocuses, he recounts how Ladd had come across several boxers-turned-thus assaulting him (Graham) one night and how Ladd invited the men to kill him. After punching one of the men's teeth out, Ladd had claimed that by saying "kill me," he had established the men's right to kill him and be killed by him.

Graham says that Ladd's logic had cheered him up so thoroughly that he recovered in time to smash the thugs' joints with his wrench. He and Ladd have been friends ever since.


  • The 2007 anime adaptation's depiction of Ladd and Graham's first meeting differs drastically from Graham's account in this chapter. Where the light novel's version of their first encounter is a mutually positive one, their first encounter in Episode 14 is mutually antagonistic.

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  • "I mean, he was shattered and broken right from the start, but just look at the way he shines! Know what I mean?"' – Graham on Ladd