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Elmer C. Albatross recalls what Huey Laforet was like when they met for the first time, back when the two of them were about fifteen years old. Huey had hated the whole world at the time and initially treated Elmer with disdain; however, since he eventually started to smile for Elmer, Elmer concludes that Huey is a good person. What is more, Huey is his best friend.

Elmer claims that all of Huey's smiles are fake save for a few rare occasions, and that Huey only voices his genuine feelings when his smiles are genuine. The first time Huey had spoken honestly, he had been voicing his desire to destroy the world and everything in it - and Elmer had objected on the grounds that he would not be able to witness Huey's sincere happiness in such an event.

Of all the happy endings Elmer wants to see, Huey's happy ending is the one he wants to see the most; however, he acknowledges that wanting to see someone's ending is probably selfish and rude of him. He then brings up another memory: when Huey had repeated his desire to destroy the world some time later, Elmer was relieved to see his smile was fake.

Calling Huey an 'awkward guy', Elmer admits that Huey still has a bad 'habit' of experimenting on people rather than seeing them as human; regardless, Elmer still wants him to be happy.


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