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Prologue IV: The Usual
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Prologue III: Assassin You Are Here Chapter 1: Front: Let’s Go to Prison

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

On a certain day in November 1934, Isaac & Miria regale the tipsy patrons of The Alveare with tales of their past thieving exploits. They are egged on by an undercover cop, whose leading questions lead the pair to inadvertently implicate themselves for, among other crimes, the theft of the Genoard Family fortune.

After a while, the undercover cop invites the two of them to his 'shop' to hear some of his own stories. Isaac and Miria appear pleased by the offer, only for Isaac to frown, pat his pocket, and announce that he seems to have lost his wallet. He asks Miria to go look for it in the storehouse; once she leaves, he suggests to the cop that they depart for his 'shop'.

At the man's surprise, Isaac reveals that he knew the man was a cop all along. Everyone else in the Alveare is surprised in turn, having never expected such insight from Isaac. When Randy and Pezzo confirm that Miria has left the premises, the undercover cop stops his younger partner from following after her and handcuffs Isaac, sour over having been outplayed by someone he had estimated.

Miria returns to the Alveare a few minutes after the cops lead Isaac away, perplexed as she could not find Isaac's wallet anywhere. Her confusion deepens when she cannot find Isaac anywhere, and morphs into fear.

Isaac's arrest, taking place one month before Firo Prochainezo was brought in for questioning, is not reported in the papers. He simply disappears, quietly and without fuss.

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