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1934 Alice in Jails: Prison (1934 Alice in Jails: 獄中編 [Gokuchūhen]) is the eighth volume of the Baccano! light novel series and the first installment of the 1934 arc.


The year 1934.

After the incident at the Mist Wall, the Martillo Family's youngest capo finds himself on his way to prison to protect the one he loves. The rest are there for their own reasons-the homicidal maniac wants to taste the thrill of killing an immortal, the thief simply got himself caught, the hitman is there on a mission for Nebula, and the alchemist was incarcerated years ago. As the FBI attempts to get to the bottom of Huey's machinations, another ruckus is about erupt across the San Francisco Bay—deep in the heart of Alcatraz.[1]

Table of Contents.


No. Title
Color Insert 01 Regarding Firo Prochainezo
Color Insert 02 Regarding Ladd Russo
Color Insert 03 Regarding Huey Laforet
Color Insert 04 Regarding Victor Talbot
Epilogue I

At the Information Brokerage

Prologue I Camorrista
Prologue II Bruiser
Prologue III Assassin
Prologue IV The Usual
Chapter 1: Front Let’s Go to Prison
Chapter 1: Back First, Let’s Try Picking a Fight
Chapter 2: Front Let’s Savor Supper with a Psycho
Chapter 2: Back For Now, Let’s Talk
Interlude I In the Darkness
Chapter 3: Front Let’s Relish Life in the Hoosegow
Chapter 3: Back Let’s Admit Our Mistakes Gracefully
Chapter 4: Front Let’s Think Wistfully of the Outside
Chapter 4: Back Let’s Discuss, Let’s Do That
Chapter 5: Front & Back Let’s Get Out of Jail!
Linking Chapter At the Information Brokerage
Digression Out of Jail!
Afterword Afterword


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