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Several Lamia homunculus survey a cityscape from two building rooftops. One homunculus, Christopher Shaldred, asks Chi if he has heard that Szilard Quates has been devoured; Chi immediately asks what became of Ennis, and Christopher replies that they are investigating that now. He then muses that Szilard must have been 'human again' at the end of his life as he was part of Nature from birth, whereas Lamia are unnaturalness personified.

Christopher asks Adele whether she thinks Nature will accept them upon their deaths, but she claims she does not understand and only carries out the tasks she is given. However, when he asks if she has forgotten what Huey did to her in the lab for years on end, she hesitates and says she never wants to return to the lab again. Satisfied, Christopher concludes that she clearly does not want to be in a situation as unnatural as all that.

Chi chides Christopher for his behavior, claiming that - out of all Lamia - Christopher is the one who doubts himself most of all. Christopher counters that this is obvious, asking Chi if it does not trouble him that Lamia cares more about the world than the world cares about them. He then asserts that 'worrying' will not provide them the answer as to whether or not they are truly human, and offers an alternative: instead of growing close to humans, Lamia should try to surpass them and thus dissolve their feelings of inferiority.

When Chi asks how they would prove they are superior to humans, Christopher suggests that they kill the strongest human there is. Privately, Chi thinks that this idea "puts an incredible distance between [Christopher] and the world," and that this "foolish fantasy" means everything to him.

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