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Hong Chi-Mei attempts to assassinate Senator Manfred Beriam. When Chi refuses to take Beriam's bribe, Spike snipes Chi's shoulder and The Former Felix Walken incapacitates him. Recognizing Chi both by name and by his allegiance to Lamia, he asks Chi to pass along a message to Huey Laforet: “This nation—it isn’t a playground for monsters like you.

After the former Felix and Spike drag Chi out of the room, Beriam muses on the folly of Huey, Victor Talbot, and others of the same ilk for having "[sold] their souls to a demon" without receiving anything in exchange. When his daughter enters the study to check on him, he embraces her and silently resolves to show Huey's kind the power of the very humanity that they have discarded.

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"A slave to wealth? A fitting epithet, perhaps." - Manfred Beriam

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