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1933 <Last> The Slash -Bloody to Fair- is the seventh volume of the Baccano! series.


Tim, Adele, and the Larva make final preparations to steal the incomplete immortality elixir from Nebula on the orders of Huey Laforet. Between their temporary alliance with Jacuzzi's Gang and key Lamia members arriving as reinforcements, the heist promises nothing but success. In the interim, Eve Genoard searches for her found-but-lost brother Dallas Genoard while Firo Prochainezo does the same, the latter believing Dallas has kidnapped Ennis and Ronny Schiatto; meanwhile, the true masterminds behind the kidnapping close in on their revenge.

With all the world a stage, Chané Laforet, Vino, Maria Barcelito, and Tick Jefferson have their own roles to play—and all players eventually converge upon Nebula's Mist Wall headquarters. War wages both inside and outside the Mist Wall's Babel restaurant, resulting in a revelation about the building's true nature that stuns a majority of involved actors. Though Huey and Nebula have the limelight, it seems that Senator Manfred Beriam is advancing his own ominous machinations...


No. Title
Color Insert 01 Lamia
Color Insert 02 Claire
Color Insert 03 Maria
Color Insert 04 The Present: Miria
Linking Chapter Documents and Information, Storm and Terrorists
Chapter 3 The Lethal Weapons' Lunacy Is Elated
Chapter 4 Red Eyes and Red Hair
Final Chapter Slash
Epilogue Epilogue
Middleword Middleword
Digression, or Prologue to What's Next I The Eternal One
Digression, or Prologue to What's Next II Money-Grubber


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