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1933 <First> The Slash -Cloudy to Rainy- is the sixth volume of the Baccano! series.


Dallas Genoard's barrel has been retrieved from the Hudson—without him in it. Firo Prochainezo tries to escape the memories of Szilard Quates, but ends up hurting his relationship with Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent.

Ronny Schiatto and Ennis from the Martillo Family search for Jacuzzi's Gang, only to find that the Gandor Family's Tick Jefferson and Maria Barcelito, and Tim's Larva have taken an interest in the gang as well. The Larva attempt to convince Jacuzzi's gang to help them steal the incomplete immortality elixir in exchange for immortality, but a battle between Chané Laforet, Adele, and Maria interrupts them. Jacuzzi's gang escapes, Ronny and Ennis are kidnapped, and the legendary assassin Vino is on the move.


No. Title
Color Insert 01 Conversation: Brothers
Color Insert 02 Conversation: Old Man and Grandchild
Color Insert 03 Conversation: Father and Daughter
Color Insert 04 Conversation: Brother and Sister.


Eight Years Ago

Big Brother
Little Brother
Only Child

Chapter 0 Oil Drum
Chapter 1 Flowers and Dominos
Chapter 2 Spear and Knives and Katanas
Linking Chapter Rain and a Letter and Scissors and Love and...


  • In the afterword, Narita explains that the 1933 arc was inspired by the issue of Jing Shinonome's joke-based comic Four-Panel Jack that appeared in Volume 29 of the magazine Dengeki hp. Shinonome often parodied light novels in Four-Panel Jack, and happened to be parodying Baccano! in that volume; one strip featured Firo, the other featured Tick and Maria. Narita had asked Chief Editor Suzuki if he could treat the 4-koma jokes from Four-Panel Jack as fact, and, upon receiving approval, plotted out 1933 accordingly.

Cultural References[]

  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band The Clash.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]