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1932 Summer: Man in the Killer is the sixteenth volume of the Baccano! light novel series.

Official Synopsis[]

THE YEAR 1932.

Rumor tells of a murderer who sent fear throughout New York City one stormy summer—Icepick Thompson, who strikes only on rainy days and stabs his targets relentlessly. As the papers fill up with articles and speculation about the serial murderer (the Daily Days leading the pack), police suspicion turns to Graham Specter and his band of ne’er-do-wells. Meanwhile, Elmer is quickly swept up in the scandal during a visit to New York, and with several of their associates falling victim to the attacks, the Gandors close in on the heart of the incident...


No. Title
Digression A
Prologue Prologue
Chapter 1 The reporter doesn't want an eventful life
Chapter 2 The despairing boy wants to step out into the sky
Chapter 3 The wrecker twirls his weapon with shock and delight
Intermission Intermission
Chapter 4 The bookstore owner gives the ignorant boy a warning
Chapter 5 The newshound hammers his own opinions into society
Intermission Intermission
Chapter 6 Tick Jefferson innocently and noisily cuts up fruit
Chapter 7 Gunmeister Smith makes his comeback with nobody the wiser
Chapter 8 Ice Pick Thompson's face looms out of the darkness
Chapter 9 Mark Wilmens lets his bloodstained malice smolder in the rain
Intermission Intermission
Chapter 10 The pitiful victim drowns in drugs and drags in the accomplice
Intermission Intermission
Final Chapter The smile junkie strides cheerfully between the killers
Digression B
Epilogue The living and the dead share the world


  • This novel is an expanded version of the gaiden novel 193X A man in the killer, which was originally released in five installments between October 24, 2007, and February 27, 2008, alongside volumes 1–5 of the 2007 anime DVDs.

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