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The second light novel of Baccano! is 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Local (1931 Donkōhen The Grand Punk Railroad 1931 鈍行編 The Grand Punk Railroad).

It was published in August of 2003 and is 333 pages long.

ISBN 9784840224369

Synopsis Edit

Aboard the transcontinental luxury train Flying Pussyfoot, a three-way hijacking occurs while a mysterious monster known as the Rail Tracer kills off passengers.

Chapters Edit

No. Title
Color Insert 01 First-Class Compartment: Black Suits
Color Insert 02 Second-Class Compartment: White Suits
Color Insert 03 Third-Class Compartment: Ragtag Suits
Epilogue I Epilogue I
Prologue I Costumed Bandits
Prologue II Delinquents
Prologue III Terrorist Group
Prologue IV Homicidal Maniacs
Prologue V Before Boarding
Chapter Local: The Man Who Wouldn't Cry
Postface Terminal
Afterword Afterword


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