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Memory: The Gray Magician
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The Gray Magician does not believe any incident of great importance occurred aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, although he admits to being somewhat estranged from 'earthly life'. His unusual attire is proof enough; it is precisely because he stands out that people avoid him, making his existence a lonely one. One passenger even mistook him for the Grim Reaper.

Despite being estranged from the world, his duty is to treat all people who want to live – and he carried out that duty on board the Flying Pussyfoot too. When asked by the nameless questioner, the Magician says he never saw any Rail Tracer on the train – though he has heard it saved everyone from the terrorists. He supposes one could view the Rail Tracer as a hero, though he would have much rather preferred to view and meet it as a Grim Reaper.

Since he did not meet the Rail Tracer, he supposes it is not his time to die yet. Thus, as much as he would rather not, he will continue living.

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The Gray Magician

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