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Epilogue II: Epilogue - Delinquents
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The Flying Pussyfoot currently rests in temporary storage. Bartender Jon Panel and assistant cook Fang Lin-Shan quietly converse in its dining car and wonder if they will be fired when all is said and done. Fang muses that if he is fired, he might try and find a job as a cook at the honey shop his older sister waits tables at. He adds that the honey shop fronts for a speakeasy, and Jon wonders if the speakeasy is in need of a bartender.

From the kitchen, head chef Gregoire informs them that railroad company is pretending as if the Flying Pussyfoot has never existed, which means that all of its staff will be fired as part of the cover up. Himself included. It turns out that Gregoire is acquainted with the wealthy Genoard Family, who as it happens are currently looking for a cook and bartender. Gregoire asserts that he doesn't care one whit as to what sort of gang Jon and Fang run with - criminals or no criminals, they are skilled at what they do and he is prepared to vouch for them. Gregoire ends up giving Jon and Fang a huge pot of stew - one hundred servings full - and the two men call Donny to help them carry it to Fred's Clinic, where Jacuzzi Splot and Jack are currently recovering. Nice Holystone and Nick greet them once they arrive, and Donny eats twenty portions of the stew and falls asleep in the bed next to Jack's.

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The group is soon joined by more members of the gang, several of whom were part of the operation's retrieval team. Two of the delinquents inform Jacuzzi that they sold the explosives off to an elderly mine owner and a Hollywood movie tech for one hundred thousand dollars, and that the emptied clay shells from the grenades sold for two hundred apiece. Jacuzzi's delight is soon tempered when one of the delinquents warns him through a mouthful of stew that it is too dangerous for him to return to Chicago now that the Russo Family knows about his hideout there.

Heedless of Jacuzzi's misery, the delinquents mention that a "looker came falling down out of the sky" while they'd been retrieving the smuggled cargo, clinging to one of the crates in spite of her wounded shoulder. The woman followed them to the clinic, and just had Fred take a look at her injury. When Jacuzzi says that he'd like to meet the woman, the delinquent hollers for "Chané" to come inside. Nice and Nick drop their bowls of stew as soon as she enters the room.


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