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1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Express (1931 Tokkyūhen The Grand Punk Railroad 1931 特急編 The Grand Punk Railroad) is the third volume of the Baccano! light novel series and the second entry in the 1931 arc.


The year is 1931. A boy boards a train to visit his friend in New York. A woman in a jumpsuit boards a train to meet her employer in New York. And the conductor? He boards because it's his job. If it had been any other day, they all would have gotten where they were going just fine. But it's not any other day. The Rail Tracer is on the hunt. The gonzo tale of gangsters, immortals, and outrageous luck (both bad and good) speeds into its third volume![1]

Table of contents (JP)


No. Title
Color Insert 01 Memory: The Boy
Color Insert 02 Memory: The Woman In Coveralls
Color Insert 03 Memory: The Gray Magician
Color Insert 04 Memory: About the Young Conductor
Preface Terminal: What Came After
Prologue VI Alchemist
Prologue VII The Woman In Coveralls
Prologue VIII The Rail Tracer
Chapter Express: The Man Who Wouldn't Die
Epilogue II The Woman In Coveralls
Epilogue II Costumed Bandits
Epilogue II Alchemist
Epilogue II The Rail Tracer
Epilogue II Homicidal Maniacs
Epilogue II Terrorist Group
Epilogue II Delinquents
Epilogue II The Flying Pussyfoot
Afterword Afterword


Cultural References

Characters in Order of Appearance


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