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1931 Another Junk Railroad: Special Express (1931 Rinjikyūkōhen Another Junk Railroad 1931 臨時急行編 Another Junk Railroad) is the fourteenth volume of the Baccano! light novel series.

This novel is a revised and expanded version of the gaiden novel 1931? The Grand Punk Railroad "Deadhead", which was included in the 2006 box set for the first Baccano! audio drama. The original gaiden was adapted to some extent by the three DVD specials for the 2007 Baccano! anime adaptation, first made available in early 2008—one year before the revised novel's release.

Official Synopsis[]

The year 1931. The Flying Pussyfoot incident is over, but it's still making waves. Where did it start? When Chané carved her message on the roof of the transcontinental express? When Graham's idol Ladd fell from the train? When immortals chose to climb aboard? Or was it due to Chané's unusual friendship with the delinquents? Whatever the case may be, Claire has taken Chané's message to heart and plans to scour the city until he finds her. What kinds of sparks will fly when these two meet?[1]

Brief Summary

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The transcontinental express Flying Pussyfoot has arrived, and brought with it changes: Chané Laforet has been taken in by Jacuzzi's Gang, while Graham Specter laments the loss of his boss Ladd Russo. It is revealed Fermet stowed away on the train while Elmer C. Albatross bought two tickets off two wary passengers. In New York, train stowaway Rachel learns from Czeslaw Meyer about immortals, then encounters Claire Stanfield—stowaway and Rail Tracer thus reuniting as civilians. He asks her for advice on how to woo Chané, so she suggests giving her a gift. Chané receives a white dress from Claire, and when she notices he has even included sheaths for her knives, she wavers in her resolve to kill him and tries on the dress.

Graham mistakes her for Eve Genoard, kidnaps her, and leaves a ransom note for Jacuzzi Splot. Jacuzzi goes to Graham's warehouse alone with the promise of the bounty on his head, but Nice Holystone and his friends decide to provide support after Elmer gives them some advice; Claire separately heads for the warehouse as well. At the same time these events are unfolding, Upham relates his encounter with Fermet and Elmer on the train to a fake reporter, unaware that Fermet himself is listening in.

When Nice, the gang, and Claire arrive, both Graham and Chané want to continue their duel: however, when Claire reveals he threw Ladd off the train, Graham attacks. Once Graham concedes he cannot harm Claire, he promises Ladd will in his stead and departs after giving Jacuzzi permission to use the warehouse. When Claire asks Chané if she is willing to be friends, and if she might someday fall in love with him, she responds in the affirmative.


No. Title
Color Insert 01 Hospital
Color Insert 02 Speakeasy
Color Insert 03 Abandoned Warehouse
Color Insert 04 Somewhere in New York
Terminal Terminal—Prequels
Chapter 1 The Recounted World 1
Interlude Tips—Huey and Chané
Chapter 2 The Lonely World
Interlude Tips—Childhood Pal
Chapter 3 The Fun-Yet-Sad World
Interlude Tips—A Couple the Night Before the Train's Arrival
Chapter 4 The Inverted World
Interlude Tips—The Immortals
Chapter 5 My World
Final Chapter The Recounted World 2
Digression & Terminal The Linking World
Afterword Afterword


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