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Baccano! 1931: The Grand Punk Railroad (Dengeki Comics, 2006–2008) is the first manga adaptation based on the Baccano! light novel series by Ryohgo Narita. It was illustrated by Ginyū Shijin and serialized in Monthly Dengeki Comic Gao! from December 2006 to April 2008, during which time MediaWorks collected the chapters into two volumes: Baccano! 1931: The Grand Punk Railroad Volume 1 and Baccano! 1931: The Grand Punk Railroad Volume 2.

The manga focuses on the main Flying Pussyfoot arc and is thus derived from the second and third light novels 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Local and 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Express; however, it segues into new content with its introduction of two new characters: Jacques-Rosé Boronial and Rosetta.

List of Volumes[]

Volume 1

JP Release Date: Aug 15, 2007 JP ISBN-13: 978-4840239639
Chapters Cover Characters
  • Prologue I: Homicidal Maniacs
  • Prologue II: Terrorist Group
  • Prologue III: Delinquents
  • Prologue IV: Immortals
  • Prologue V: Before Boarding
  • Chapter 1: The Rail Tracer

Pages Bonus Material
  • JP: 187
  • TBD
  • TBD

Volume 2

JP Release Date: Apr 26, 2008 JP ISBN-13: 404-8670484
Chapters Cover Characters
  • Chapter 2: Gathering
  • Chapter 3: Collision
  • Chapter 4: The White Demon and the White Pig
  • Chapter 5: Othello
  • Chapter 6: The Rail Tracer II
  • Chapter 7: The Rail Tracer III
  • Chapter 8: A Turn for the Worse
  • Chapter 9: Jacques-Rosé Isn't Moving
Pages Bonus Material
  • JP: 224
  • Origin Story of Jacques-Rosé's name.
  • TBD