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1711 Whitesmile is the seventeenth volume of the Baccano! light novel series and the final installment of the 1700s arcs.

Official Synopsis[]

The year 1711. The momentous voyage of the Advena Avis to the New World is near, and each passenger is boarding for their own reasons. Whether driven by determination, ambition, curiosity, or simply someone more powerful, the alchemists and pioneers are not motivated by anything so simple as fate. And at the center of the storm is Huey Laforet[1]


Table of Contents (JP), feat. Lucrezia

No. Title
Color Insert 01 1711—The Smile Junkie's Confession
Color insert 02 2002—In the Cafeteria of an FBI Facility
Color Insert 03 2002—Sylvie's Recollections
Prologue Afterglow of the Dream
Chapter 1 The Laughter of the Influential
Interlude Victor Talbot's Report (Excerpt)
Chapter 2 The Visitors' Pleasant Chat
Interlude Victor Talbot's Report (Excerpt) II
Chapter 3 The Smiles of Those in Love
Interlude Victor Talbot's Report (Excerpt) III
Final Chapter Don't Laugh
Epilogue C'mon and Smile
Afterword Afterword
Epilogue (Back) The Seductive Smile of the Affluer


  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band Whitesnake.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]