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1710 Crack Flag is the fifteenth volume of the Baccano! light novel series and the second installment of the 1700s arcs.

Official Synopsis[]

It began in the year 1707, when Maiza introduced playwright Jean-Pierre to an alchemist named Fermet. Two years later, Huey finds himself opening his heart to Elmer and Monica more than he ever expected with his troubled past, but Jean-Pierre's new play only invites trouble, and darkness falls over the trio...[1]


No. Title
Color Inserts 2003—According to Victor Talbot
Epilogue A
Chapter 1 "Are you interested in immortality?"
Chapter 2 "I'm not a fool."
Chapter 3 "I bet he's just lovesick."
Chapter 4 "They really are innocent."
Chapter 5 "I'll show you the greatest smile you've ever seen."
Epilogue B
Epilogue C
Afterword Afterword



Cultural References

  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band Black Flag.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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